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Leadership and Board of Directors

A company's leadership should maintain a high-standard of excellence.

The Not For Profit Guru provides services to enhance leadership skills and knowledge to keep your company running efficiently.


  • Basic Administrative Filing $300 

  • Contract Drafting $300

  • Corporate Giving Consultancy $500

  • Basic Business Incorporation $500

  • Board of Directors Agreements $500

How will we accomplish it?


  • Discuss current problems or goals

  • Identify early problem-solving skills

  • Develop goal-oriented strategies

  • Assess personal resources

Training and Other Services

Changes within a company can spread the quickest when leadership is on the same page as employees. What is important when working within the company is forming an alliance between the board of directors and the employees. Everyone is working towards the same end goal, so training employees with top-quality services should be a priority for every company. 


  • Develop employee training sessions

Form 1023 Service

When You Engage With The Not for Profit Guru, Inc. You Receive:

      Thorough Form 1023 services when selected by you to complete and file Form 1023 with the IRS:

  • Organizational Overview from The Not for Profit Guru which gives you a better understanding of the organization you seek to start, and the possibilities for world-changing expansion of your ideas across the United States through “chartering”.


  • Clear Understanding of the Form 1023 Process we walk you through, step by step, of our process and how we make certain your application is approved THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT UNNECESSARY IRS DELAYS.

  • Professional Guidance & Consultation with experienced individuals who not only have completed Form 1023 countless times – but who are also experienced not for profit professionals that will help you understand how to operate your new not for profit. They will also help you stay compliant with state and federal government rules and regulations. THE FORM IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

  • Government Support at every level of the process – We work hard so the IRS does not ask you questions – if they do – we help you answer them.



Educational Seminars Include:


Boards, Boards, Boards 
Program Creation & Implementation 
Tracking Program Results 
(Evaluations & Competing) 
Grant Writing 
501 IRS Compliance 
State Compliance Issues 
Fundraising & Self-Reliance 
Corporate Collaborations 
Volunteer Management & Liability 
NFP Personnel & Payroll 
Telling Your Organization’s Story 
NFP Marketing Concepts

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